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The complete guide to guaranteed fat loss – Kim Karamaneas | Niko Efthimiadis





We are welcoming you to a safe and full Diet and Nutrition Guide!

This book intends to help you not only start a weight loss program correctly but encourage you to keep walking in this path successfully adopting this way of life and this culture, as well.

You are going to acquire knowledge to put things in order without risking making either harmful mistakes or having results contrary to what you expected.

{The creators of this book are  QUALIFIED NUTRITIONISTS AND TRAINERS and has studied health, nutrition and training with many degrees and certificates which has helped them expand their knowledge on issues of health, nutrition and training. (We like to learn and we expand our knowledge more and more… we have never stopped studying in postgraduate courses and we are ALWAYS aware of the new scientific trends on topics of nutrition and training)}!

In this book, you will find the best methods that can make you boost your metabolism step by step and speed up your weight loss and feel fit.

At the time period we are going through, we have to strengthen our body and equip both our body and our soul well so as to become a tough adversary who will fight the enemy called the “difficult situations of life”!

And this can be done, as a matter of fact, when we are able to control our body and turn it to the correct direction and not to the direction our body wants to take!

The reason why this is possible is that nowadays the scientific knowledge allows us to make our body turn to the direction we want it to.

Undoubtedly, we talk about natural methods of nutrition and not about medicines or about a variety of preparations advertised as miraculous but ending at misleading people and  helping them losing their money instead of losing their extra kilos!

So, welcome to the world of the perfect health! Enjoy the book and good luck!

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eBook, Έντυπο (Print on Demand)


Language: English
Pages: 192
Year of publication: 2020
ISBN: 9798589358681

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