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Τουλιάτος Γιώργος (Touliatos George)

Touliatos GeorgeGeorge Touliatos is a physician, specialized in biopathology. He was a competitive bodybuilder and national light heavy weight champion. He is an expert on medical prevention, regarding PED’s use in sports. He is a medical associate of Anabolics 11th edition 2017.

He has extensively developed articles on He has being a columnist for Greek editions of Musclemag & Muscular Development magazines.

George Touliatos was a medical associate for and age management clinic in Athens, Greece. He has also being tutor of ALS academy of Cyprus and academy in Greece.

He is author of three books in bodybuilding and participated in several seminars across Greece and Cyprus, numerous TV and radio appearances, interviews in newspapers and websites. He was hosted twice by Super Human Radio of Kentucky and by His personal website is

Facebook: George Touliatos

Touliatos George     Touliatos George

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