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The bible of bodybuilding – George Touliatos


ISBN: 9798472203982


The bible of bodybuilding -Sample

Author’s note:

The Bible of bodybuilding is the ultimate book of knowledge, in regards to the iron sport.

Not only from a physicians perspective, but also from a former national competitive bodybuilder and champion.

This wealth of information provides all data based in scientific evidence, regarding drug use in bodybuilding and the potential risks to face.

Moreover it provides harm reduction strategies, in order to minimize the side effects and ensure longevity.

However PEDs use is a matter of personal choice.

On the other hand, nutrition and training are standard parameters that someone has to apply on a daily basis, all year around.

In this book you’ll find the secrets of nutrition and which supplements work, plus to understand the basics of exercise in weightlifting and cardio training.

This masterpiece is dedicated to the loving memory of my grandmother who is in heaven, Mrs Helen Maramis (1913-2021).

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