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Καραμανέας Ιωακείμ (Kim Karamaneas)

Kim KaramaneasKim Karamaneas

  • Diploma in Health Studies
  • Certification in Human Health
  • Certification in Diet & Nutrition/Healthy Living
  • Certification in Physical Education
  • Fitness Training Principles & Methods
  • Specialization in Workout &Training Apps

Kim (Joakim) Karamaneas, is a graduate in general health / nutrition & gymnastics studies, with many expansions of knowledge, obtaining several certificates of specialization, in matters of health, nutrition and training. (the expansion of his knowledge and studies did not stop until today, so that he is always fully informed in the new scientific trends, in matters of nutrition and training)!

It marks a successful career, undertaking nutrition and training for many years people who want to achieve either weight loss, muscle growth, increase their performance, or improve their health, from ordinary people to active athletes and world champions.

He is the author of 21 books on nutrition, coaching and psychology.

He has been active on Social Media for 9 years, on issues of nutrition, training, psychology and special diet recipes, with a large channel on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, where he disseminates complete knowledge in this field.




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