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Grandma Giannoula and the Song of Spearmint that Reduces Fever – Gianna Rousodimou


Children book
ISBN: ‎ 978-6188318342


Grandma Giannoula and the Song of Spearmint that Reduces Fever_flipbook

A boy, an excursion with unexpected incidents, a grandma, and a mysterious healing song, are mixed up in this children book sweetly and magically.

The first in a series of illustrated stories about herbs of Mediterranean cuisine, this book introduces to your children the wonderful world of Greek traditional herb healing art, starting with spearmint, the most common aromatic herb in Mediterranean cuisine.
Written for young readers, but enjoyable for all ages as well.

It is proposed for children of Greek origin living all over the world, for keeping their connection to their motherland and Greek language, but also for every parent on Earth who wishes to establish connections with the natural life for his children.
Bilingual, written in English and Greek, you can use it as a language practice textbook. Studies have shown that pronunciation of Greek words improves coordination of the two cerebral hemispheres, which improves the perception of the mind and the ability to combinatorial thinking.

Profits from the sale of this book will serve as financial resources for the “SAVE MY HOME” program, which assists families in saving family homes from seizures.
Every family has the right to live in their own house, even when they find a financial difficulty to keep it. The “SAVE MY HOME” project, supports families’ efforts to reach it, for every family and every child deserves it.

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eBook, Έντυπο (Print on Demand)


Language: English
Pages: 63
Year of publication: 2022
ISBN: 9786188318342

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