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Getting Unstuck – Gianna Rousodimou


ISBN: 979-8581934470


Getting Unstuck flipbook


For any difficulty you may face this very moment, either financial, emotional or due to some health problem, you should know there are ways tested through time for you to deal with those, in a beneficial way. Ways, that people like you, used successfully in every corner of the world. Ways that can make the difference for you too, whatever your culture, age, education or any other of your characteristics are, as long as you make the first move.

Every big journey begins with a simple step. You can either take this step this very moment beginning your journey to a new life, or remain doing nothing, and thinking of how difficult it is to put one foot in front of the other and just move. Standing there, you may think of a thousand reasons, why you could not take the first step which will eventually change your life for ever.

You may feel relatively secure being among unpleasant situations which you believe you know how to handle and are afraid to come out of, out of fear that things might get worse.

But ask yourself who assures you that things are worse out there? What if they are better? Don’t you think it worth΄s taking the risk to get out of what you live, claiming for what you deserve or desire?

Quitting without even testing your powers? What makes you believe that you can not make it, that you do not have the ability to claim your joy, your emotional comfort, your health?

Whatever you can conceive you can achieve. If you didn’t have the ability to build it you wouldn’t either be able to conceive it.

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eBook, Έντυπο (Print on Demand)


Black and white
Language: English
Pages: 50
Year of publication: 2020
ISBN: 9798581934470

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