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The Art of Shoe Design – Doukakis Vangelis (eBook)


ISBN: 978-618-5434-67-0



This book is written by Vangelis Doukakis with the aim of transferring the shoe design knowledge he acquired, during approximately forty years of factory production process.  It is created entirely by himself, by using design, photo editing and paging software.  Looking at the book cover, in addition to the synthesis he has created, the drawing diagrams, the digital photos and the designs, we can see one of his painting, in the lower left part.  This artwork was carefully selected to remind us of his artistic origin.

The whole process of book creation was difficult.  However, the combination of 4-5 different programs resulted in success and this is what makes the creator proud.  This book is addressed to every potential or experienced designer, to every craft industry or shoe factory.  The detailed measurements, the illustrated tables, the exact calculations and the useful design tips, result of personal research and accumulated work experience, make this book an invaluable asset for shoe design.

Analyzing the contents of the book we must state that all the work has been done on the 37 women’s size shoe.  The multi-year experience of the designer sets rules that must be followed in order to have the appropriate design concerning lines, patterns and fit on the foot.  Personal deposition of knowledge and data, not found in other books, make the strong characteristics of both the author and the book.

54 individual designs were created, for different types of shoes.  They are classified into categories depending on the way and the particularity of their construction.  For all of them, you can find the design bases in real dimensions, with all the distances and details, and the creation of all the pieces that compose the design, on a smaller scale though, due to space limitations.



  • To people who start designing shoes with no experience. Of course, they need to make more effort, pay a lot of attention to the implementation of the rules and show patience.  By all means, their work will ensure their success.
  • To the designers who have graduated from a shoe design school. The gaps they will face when they work as designers in a factory, will be covered by 80%.  This book provides solutions to all design problems because the author has gained experience and knowledge in production areas. His desire and purpose is to be able to provide 100% solution.
  • To experienced professionals. The book contains many secrets concerning axes placement, rotation, mirroring, crimping, etc.  Some designers may know them, however some designers may ignore them.
  • To any factory or small business that manufactures shoes. Especially the industries that develop their designs in a wide range of sizes, they are given the opportunity to fluctuate 13 sizes without the slightest distortion on the design.
  • To people who want to slowly learn how to design and do the grading with Adobe Illustrator.

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e-Book (pdf)


Γλώσσα: Αγγλική
Διάσταση: 21 x 29,7 cm
Σελίδες: 526
Έτος έκδοσης: 2022
ISBN: 978-618-5434-67-0


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