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Princess Elyssia meets the feelings – Spithaki Maria

Princess Elyssia meets the feelings – Spithaki Maria


Children’s book


One day, the daughter of King Candybeard the second and of Queen Ramelounda was born in Candytown.

The, joyous festivities took place.

Princess Elyssia started to very quickly grow up and to be guided in her everyday life by the feelings she was keeping well-hidden in the Thoughts Tower of her mind. Even for her parents, it was sometimes hard to understand how their daughter was feeling.

She often denied eating her meal and never got along well with the other children, when playing in the castle of the town.

As she was again in the buffet of Mr. Sugary in the castle, he – with the occasion of the discussion they had -, offered to make with his sugarcoat the emoticons of each one of the feelings and to offer them to Elyssia as a present, so that she also gets to know her feelings and learns how to deal with them…

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eBook, Print on Demand


Colored, illustrated
Language: English
Pages: 30
Year of publication: 2021


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