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Theodoros Ilias Drasi


Since the day that in this natural life we realize a physical death is waiting for us, sooner or later, even the later (e.g. 100 years of life time duration) is a time period that is insignificant in the infinity of the universe.
Thus, once we understand that all of us will experience a physical death at a certain moment, unless we try on a daily basis to get an answer to the fundamental question ‘who am I?’, anything you deal with in your life will literally re-semble to the sand towers that the little kids make on the beach.
Because likewise the kids that are not aware of what they are doing (what is the sand, the water, the rotten soil), nei-ther is the humanity.
As long as the first question remains unanswered (if of course an answer can be provided), the humanity keeps on dealing with sand towers just like the little kids.
Since they cannot provide an answer to the question ‘Who am I?’, they are dealing with pointless things.
The man though is consubstantial with the divine.
Everybody is talking to you and disorienting you so that you deal with anything that is outside of your existence, in-stead of mentioning to you that it is in your own selves where you shall find the answer to the fundamental and cru-cial question ‘who am I’.

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