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Mary Kei


Mary Kei (Μαρία Κεϊσόγλου)

Mary Kei

– Has studied for two years at the School of Journalism Laboratory.
– Has attended history and philosophy classes at Deree American College.
– Has attended drama art classes as a listener at the Veaki Drama School.
– Has dealt with photography and has been awarded in the magazine “Photographer” in Greece, also is proposed in international exhibitions.
– Has written poetry and literature and has been awarded
in a Panhellenic competition.
– Has worked in sales in the field of silver and gold
– Has attended sculpture classes and has worked as a sculptor.
– Has attended a screenwriting seminar from the screenwriters
greek association, seminar of social media and of ancient greek
philosophy in Athens.
– Is involved in music composition and painting.
– Recently is active in the field of business as a freelancer
in buying and selling.

Best Regards
Maria Keisoglou (Nickname: Mary Kei)

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