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The Secret of the Magic Mirror – Eleftheria Vitanopoulou


Children’s book / eBook

The story is written for children 4 years +.
Heroes of the story is God, tear, a magic mirror and a heroine to many faces!
Together they reveal secrets and miracles in their lives and in people’s lives.


When God created the world,
the planets, Earth,
people and all the animals and the plants,
He added to His creation the teardrop.
Then He gave each one of them a suitcase full of gifts.
One of the most important God’s gifts was
the Choice of Free Will.
According to that each one of them could choose where he wanted to live.
The teardrop found a cave, quiet, with little light and stayed there alone.
After all had taken their places on Earth, God decided to visit them lest someone needed His help.
The tear needed a little help.
God gave him a small gift and promised to later send a larger to help.
When the gift of God came, everything changed in the cave!

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες