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Paulie the Polar Bear – Dimos Velenjas


ISBN: 978-618-81727-1-5


A children’s book that will help our young friends gain knowledge -and have
the first images in their minds- about the environment and the life in
the North Pole, about the animals that live there, and their physiology.
The peculiarities of each species, that allow them to be able
to live and survive in there natural environment.
A story that will reveal the power of love and compassion!
The power of rebellion and responsibility!
Of lightness and admonition!
Of error and reparation!


Once upon a time, in the far away and cold North Pole, they lived a family of polar bears. The father, the mother and the two little cubs, Polly and Molly.
The little cubs were living happily and protected by their parents and their days were filled with games and laughter.
When papa bear went fishing, he always took with him Polly, in order for him to learn to catch fishes, which was the only source of food they could find in this frozen continent. So, when he grew up and had a family of his own, he would know how to provide food, as he did for his family.
Molly stayed with mama bear in their debt, which was a big cave, hidden inside the endless ice of the Arctic. In there, they awaited the others to return and mama bear was teaching her useful things, like finding her way using the stars or the Northern Star, she told her what she would have to do when she had cubs of her own, how to clean their dent, and other things
Sometimes, they went fishing as well, since all bears, male and female, must know how to gather food. Most of the times, the males in the family went fishing, since the female’s priority was to take care and raise her cubs.

Polly was a very clever cub, and he learned all the “tricks” his father taught him. He was also a “show-off”, and he was bragging all the time to Molly. He was always challenging her in the fishing, and she rarely won.
Their parents heard all of her brother’s mockeries and they were starting to worry about the character of little Polly. Especially his mother. So, one day, he took the little cub with her for a walk in the ices, seizing the opportunity to talk to him about this matter, and to point out that his behavior was not nice.
“Every bear has different talents than the others”, his mother told him. “You are good at fishing, everyone knows that. But Molly is good at other things that you are not. Like following the stars and finding her way home. So, it’s not right to mock her for all the things she is not as good as you at, and you have to learn to be a humble a good little bear”. Those were her mother’s words and he, with a bowed head; he apologized for his behavior and told her that he would stop acting like that. He said that, but deep down inside him, didn’t feel much regret, and he made sure to mock Molly whenever their parents weren’t around.

One cloudy day of the polar winter, the family was together in their dent, in order to protect themselves from the bad weather that the parents knew was approaching…

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eBook (pdf)


Μορφή: eBook (pdf)
Εικονογράφηση: Έγχρωμο
Γλώσσα: Αγγλική
Γλώσσα πρωτότυπου: Ελληνική
Τίτλος πρωτότυπου: "Πόλυ το πολικό αρκουδάκι"
Σελίδες: 36
Έτος έκδοσης: 2015
ISBN pdf: 978-618-81727-1-5


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